Assessment Eligibility

Specific Eligibility Requirements

We service small and medium-sized manufacturers with Standard Industrial Classification Codes 20 through 39, who meet the following requirements. Commercial buildings may also be services if they meet all requirements. These standards are consistent with any Industrial Assessment Center across the United States. Manufacturers who do not meet the requirements may be assessed by special request.

Gross annual sales less than $100 million

Annual utility bills between $100,000 and $3.5 million

Fewer than 500 employees at the plant site

Within IAC Center service radius


*Final client selection is left to the discretion of the individual IAC center.

Rocky Mountain IAC Mines

Rocky Mountain IAC Red Rocks

Our Scope

The IAC team serves the state of Colorado and surrounding areas. The Center strives to save energy, improve productivity, and reduce waste by providing no-cost technical assessments for small manufacturing and commercial buildings across the Rocky Mountain region while targeting disadvantaged communities. The scope of topics we cover includes:

– Energy and Water Savings
– Smart Manufacturing
– Energy Management
– Cyber Security
– Resilience Planning
– Decarbonization
– Electrification