Assessment Process

Assessment Process

Client Meeting

Pre-Assessment information gathering from client

– Building Layout/Manufacturing Process

– Full Year of Utility bills (Electric, Natural Gas, Water)

– Operating Hours

– List of Potentially Major Energy Consuming Equipment

With this information our team will analyze potential opportunities for improvements that will be expanded on during the data collection and research.

Site Visit (8 Hours)

Site Tour

Our team will take a tour of the site with a trusted employee or manager provided by the client. During the tour, employers can highlight specific areas of concern.

Data Collection

Our team will be previously be split into groups based on expertise to collect data to identify areas of improvement. Based on the pre-assessment discussions, we will bring different tools for analysing possible solutions.

Specific data collected can include…

– Temperature

– Luminosity

– Flue gas composition

– Water samples

– Motor controls

*Sensors may be left at different areas for extended periods of time and picked up at a later date with permission from site manager.

Wrap-up Meeting

Our team will wrap-up data collection and propose possible improvements or additional recommendations. Staff will be notified of any residual data loggers that are left.

Report Generation

A fully developed report will be created within 60 days of the assessment site visit. Each recommendation will contain the process leading to its conclusion and a estimated payback time of any investments.

During this process, we will be in contact as we may need additional information or clarification.


The Rocky Mountain IAC will contact you 6-9 months after the report is finished and delivered to see if any of the recommendations were implemented. At this time we will also ask for feedback to improve our process and effectiveness.